Vancouver Police Fatally Shoot Man Pointing Gun at Officers

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A man was shot and killed by Vancouver police officers early Monday morning, officials said.

Around 1 a.m., a police officer was approached on Northeast Andresen Road by several people who said a man had threatened them with a gun in a McDonald’s parking lot.

More officers arrived and found the suspect a few blocks away. Despite commands from the police, the suspect didn’t cooperate. One officer released a police dog, but the suspect pointed his gun at the officers.

Four officers fired at the suspect, hitting him. The police dog was also shot in the tail.

A witness camping nearby heard several shots and described the scene as chaotic.

The suspect received medical aid but later died at the hospital. The injured police dog underwent surgery.

The officers involved are on leave, following protocol. Police are asking witnesses to come forward.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Body camera footage will be released later.

This is the second fatal shooting by Vancouver police in 2024, and it happened within 10 days. Last week, a dashcam video was released showing an officer shooting and killing a man who allegedly had a gun.

Witnesses claimed there was no attempt to de-escalate the situation.

The officer involved had been in two previous police shootings, including one where an armed robbery suspect was killed.

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