US Unable to Confirm Civilian Death Toll in Israel’s Hamas Hostage Rescue

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Jake Sullivan, who advises Joe Biden on national security, acknowledged that civilians may have been killed during Israel’s mission to rescue four hostages held by Hamas. However, he said the US couldn’t confirm how many people died.

Sullivan praised Israel’s successful rescue effort but didn’t mention civilian casualties in his statement. Palestinian health officials claim over 270 civilians died, while Israeli commanders say fewer than 100 were killed.

Sullivan emphasized that innocent people died but blamed Hamas for operating among civilians in Gaza.

Israeli forces denied rumors that they disguised themselves as aid workers during the operation.

The White House praised Israel’s rescue and urged Hamas to accept a ceasefire. Sullivan highlighted ongoing efforts to free other hostages held by Hamas.

Hamas hasn’t responded to the latest ceasefire offer backed by the US. Concerns remain about Israel’s stance on the deal.

The death toll in Gaza is rising, and there are fears of famine. Protests worldwide demand an end to the conflict.

In Washington, DC, activists formed a “red line” around the White House, urging Biden to enforce his threat to cut military aid to Israel if a major operation occurs in Rafah.

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