This Town in Oklahoma State Takes the Crown for Most Violent

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Rich plains and a thriving culture are features of Oklahoma, but there is also the grimmer reality of crime. The designation of most dangerous town in the state, according to a recent study, accurately captures the difficulties Muskogee faces. Let us examine the statistics and see why this municipality has been named the most violent.

The Town with the Most Bloodshed

Muskogee has been dubbed the most dangerous city in Oklahoma despite having attractions like a submarine and a castle. The alarming number that 2020 people would face was a 1 in 82 probability of being the victim of violent crime. For reported rapes, Muskogee also placed tenth in the state.

Muskogee also had an ominous trend in 2020, with one burglary on average every day. For its people, safety is therefore still their first priority.

Crime Statistics Analysis

The following important figures:

36,884 person population
Last Year’s Rank: 8 (Down by 1)
Crimes Violent Per 100,000: 1,209 (State Highest)
3,500 Property Crimes Per 100,000 (ranked 21st most hazardous)

What Are Oklahoma’s Most Common Violent Crime Types?

Among Oklahoma’s most prevalent violent crime categories are:

Aggravated assault: With 12,183 reported instances in 2019, this is the most common kind of violent crime in Oklahoma. Across the nation, this kind of crime made up 66% of all violent offenses.

Robbery: With 2,369 reported cases in 2019, robbery ranks as Oklahoma’s second most prevalent violent crime. At 60 robberies per 100,000 persons, the state’s rate of robberies was lower than the national average.

Rape: In 2019, Oklahoma had 2,268 documented cases of rape, or 57.3 per 100,000 people. Regarding rape rates, Oklahoma ranks eleventh among all states.

Murder: In 2019 Oklahoma had 266 murders, or 6.7 per 100,000 people. Oklahoma’s murder rate is the eleventh highest in the nation, more than the national average.

The frequency of certain violent crime categories in Oklahoma is shown by these figures, which also stress the need of resolving these problems to guarantee public safety.

What is Oklahoma’s Crime Rate in Relation to Other States?

Oklahoma has a higher violent crime rate than the national average—432 per 100,000 people—than the 379 per 100,000 people national rate. Oklahoma recorded 17,086 violent crimes in 2019.

Oklahoma ranks 37th for violent crime rates while having the 45th lowest total crime rate among states. Compared to other states, Oklahoma has a higher crime rate—3,277 crimes per 100,000 residents—than the national average of 2,489 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants.

Just five of the fifty states have a greater crime rate than Oklahoma has. Nationally, the rates of crime range from 1,361 per 100,000 in Maine to 3,945 per 100,000 in New Mexico.

These figures show Oklahoma has a higher than average crime rate than other states in the US. Law enforcement organizations and legislators must grasp these numbers in order to properly address safety issues and put plans into place to lower crime rates and improve public safety.

Final Thought

Though the figures present a depressing image, Muskogee’s people’s morale is still strong. The possibility exists that the violence trend can be reversed with the help of the community and law enforcement actions. Looking ahead, Oklahoma may find that the lessons from Muskogee help create a safer, more tranquil state.

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