Pollution Sources Revealed: San Pedro Creek’s Impact on Linda Mar Beach Water Quality

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New information shows that some of California’s beaches might have water quality issues.

The Surfrider Foundation recently released their 2023 Clean Water Report, which found high levels of bacteria at three California beaches, including Linda Mar in Pacifica.

Sean Sewell, a resident of Palo Alto who surfs at Linda Mar often, was surprised by the findings. He had always thought the water looked clean and felt nice.

Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force collected samples from over 500 sites across the U.S. Mara Dias, the Water Quality Senior Manager at Surfrider Foundation, explained that the report aims to raise awareness about factors affecting beach water quality, such as stormwater and old sewage pipes.

Dias highlighted that pollutants like pet waste can end up in the water if not disposed of properly, posing a risk to beachgoers.

The report suggested that the consistently polluted San Pedro Creek might be contributing to the high bacteria levels at Linda Mar. Sewell expressed hope that understanding the source of pollution could lead to solutions.

Dias advised people to check local water quality information before swimming, avoiding areas near stormwater outfalls or creeks, as they can carry pollution from the landscape to the beach.

Dias reminded beachgoers to consider water quality along with other factors like weather and wave conditions. Depending on the location, the report data will be shared with local officials.

Pacifica resident Jennifer Chen, who stays updated through local newsletters and a water quality app, expressed concern for her kids’ safety when they play in the water, opting for them to only wet their feet.

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