Northern California Hiker Found Alive After Being Missing for 10 Days

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A hiker went missing in the mountains of Northern California for more than a week but was found alive after calling for help. Lukas McClish, aged 34, vanished on June 11 while hiking in Boulder Creek. He was discovered shouting for assistance ten days later in a remote canyon in Big Basin State Park.

McClish left home with only a few items, thinking he was going for a short three-hour hike. He had basic gear like pants, hiking shoes, a hat, a flashlight, and folding scissors. He got lost in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

After he didn’t return for a family gathering on Father’s Day, he was reported missing five days later. McClish survived by drinking water from creeks and waterfalls using his boot, eating wild berries, and sleeping on wet leaves. He kept calling for help, hoping to be rescued.

Finally, on Thursday, witnesses heard his cries for help in Big Basin State Park. The sheriff’s office located him using a drone and found him in the forest near Foreman Creek. Luckily, he had no major injuries and was reunited with his family.

McClish, tired from the ordeal, said he’s done with hiking for a while.

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