New York City Officer Arrested for Shooting Driver in New Jersey Road Rage Incident

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A police officer from New York City got charged with trying to kill someone on Friday. They say he shot another driver during a road rage fight in New Jersey and then ran away.

Officer Hieu Tran, who worked in the social media unit of the New York Police Department, was waiting to be sent to Camden County, New Jersey, where the shooting happened on May 17.

Police from Voorhees Township were at a car crash on Route 73 when they saw that one of the drivers had been shot before the crash, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

The person who got shot went to the hospital and was still there on Friday, officials said.

Detectives used videos, phone records, and evidence from the bullets to find out that Tran was the one who shot the person, the prosecutor’s office said.

They found out that Tran used his NYPD gun to do it, prosecutors said.

They called it a “road rage incident,” but didn’t give any details about why it happened. They’re still looking into it.

Tran got arrested on Thursday at NYPD headquarters and went to a hearing in Manhattan on Friday.

According to the Daily News, Tran mostly looked down during the court hearing.

Tran also got charged with hurting someone badly and having a weapon for a bad reason. Assistant District Attorney Todd Fitch said Tran would be taken to Camden County on Friday.

The lawyer who spoke for Tran in court didn’t say anything about the charges.

The NYPD said Tran isn’t getting paid while he’s suspended.

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