Mysterious Monolith Discovered Near Gass Peak in Nevada Desert

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A strange monolith has been discovered near a peak in the Nevada desert, according to Las Vegas police.

The reflective object was found near Gass Peak, a hiking area with a summit of nearly 7,000 feet, over the weekend. Authorities are unsure how it got there and said it was found by the Las Vegas search and rescue team north of the Las Vegas Valley.

“We often come across unusual things when people go hiking, like not being prepared for the weather or not bringing enough water… but look at this!” police said.

In the same message, police advised people to take precautions before hiking, such as checking the weather forecast, carrying extra supplies like water and food, and bringing a light source and a fully charged phone.

Gass Peak is the highest peak in the Las Vegas range of Southern Nevada and is located about 20 miles north of Las Vegas.

Similar monoliths have appeared in recent years. Earlier this year, a 10-foot-tall monolith resembling a UFO appeared on a hill in Wales, with no explanation for its presence. In 2020, an unexplained structure was found in a remote area of southeastern Utah. Others also appeared in Romania, Colorado, and California that year. Many believed these cases were some form of art installation, drawing comparisons to the monolith in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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