Meet Sophia Prado: The 8-Year-Old Equestrian Sensation from Miami

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Sophia Prado, an 8-year-old girl from Miami, knew she loved ranch life and horses since she was just four years old. Her passion for horses has grown, and now she’s an equestrian representing Team USA in the Puerto Rico Youth Mundial of Paso Fino Horse competition.

Her parents, Serina and Manuel Prado, are proud of her love for horses and how she cares for them. Sophia not only rides horses but also takes care of them, like cleaning their hooves.

She trains hard at Esperanza Equine Connections in Miami, preparing for competitions. Sophia feels a special connection with horses, and she’s learned to trust them. Her love for horses has led her to compete and win in equestrian competitions.

Sophia’s mom is amazed by her daughter’s dedication and achievement at such a young age. Despite Sophia’s young age, she’s focused and determined, always striving to do her best.

Sophia finds handling a thousand-pound horse easy, thanks to her training and confidence. Her journey in the world of equestrian sports is just beginning, and she’s excited to see where her passion and hard work will take her.

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