Man Stabbed by Customer After Beating Bike Shop Worker with Helmet

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An insane person hit a worker at a bike shop in Queens over the head with a helmet, and another man stepped in and stabbed the attacker, according to cops.

The fight started just before 1 p.m. Monday, when the 35-year-old guy got angry outside of the Fly E-Bike store on 42nd Street near Broadway in Astoria, reported the police.

Photographs taken by The Post show the brute hitting the 28-year-old worker over the head with the helmet while yelling at him.

Another man ran out of the store seconds later and tracked the attacker into the street, as seen on the video.

Authorities say that someone inside the store stabbed the suspect wearing a helmet in the stomach.The man seen running after him wasn’t quickly recognisable.

Although hurt, the first attacker was seen on video smashing the helmet into the store window.
The man who was acting crazy bit one of the police officers while they were trying to handcuff him, according to the officials.

Police officers have a hard time getting the man to put his hands behind his back, and the struggle ends with them fighting on the ground.

When the man who had been stabbed got to the Elmhurst Hospital Centre, his state was listed as stable.

Charges are being prepared against him.

Authorities say the officer was also taken to the hospital for his injuries.

Before Monday evening, the guy who stabbed the first attacker had not been charged.
Authorities say they don’t know if he works at the shop or is just a customer who happened to step in.

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