Impact of Oklahoma’s New School Curriculum Law on Students

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A new law in Oklahoma, signed by Governor Kevin Stitt, is changing the state’s school curriculum and graduation rules. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Students will now need to take an extra year of math.
  • The requirement for fine arts classes has been removed.
  • Pathway units will be created to help students plan their future after high school.

Governor Stitt signed the law because he wants students to have the right skills for life after high school, even if they don’t plan to go to college.

Some people are unhappy about removing the fine arts requirement. Landon Johnson, a music teacher at Ardmore City Schools, thinks fine arts are important for all students, even if they don’t want to pursue a career in the arts. He believes that fine arts help students develop in many ways, including academically.

Johnson thinks that sometimes students need a requirement to discover a new passion. He’s not worried about Ardmore, but he’s concerned that smaller schools might cut their fine arts programs without the requirement.

He believes that fine arts are essential for communities and that many people develop their skills and passions in high school. He wants to make sure that all schools, especially smaller ones, continue to offer fine arts programs.

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