Giraffe Grabs 2-Year-Old Girl at Texas Wildlife Park, Lifts Her into the Air

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A Texas family had a scary experience at a drive-thru safari park earlier this month when a giraffe reached into their pickup truck and grabbed their 2-year-old daughter, lifting her into the air.

The incident occurred at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. Visitors drive through the park, feeding animals like cheetahs, emus, zebras, and wildebeests from their cars.

“We stopped to feed the giraffes, and I looked out the back window,” Jason Toten told CBS affiliate KWTX. “That’s when I saw the giraffe digging around, and then it just grabbed her.”

The giraffe grabbed his 2-year-old daughter, Paisley, by her shirt from the back of their pickup. It lifted her a few feet in the air. Her mom, who was in the pickup bed with her, yelled at the giraffe, causing it to let go.

People in the car behind them captured the incident on camera and sent the footage to the family.

Toten said it seemed to be an accident and that the family didn’t break any park rules, which include keeping car doors closed, feeding animals with cups—not hands—and staying 50 feet away from gates.

“Paisley was holding the bag, and the giraffe went to get the bag, not her, but ended up grabbing her shirt and lifting her,” he said.

“My heart stopped, my stomach dropped… it scared me,” he said.

The incident didn’t stop the family from wanting to return. Toten said they’d visit again. Paisley even got a stuffed giraffe from the souvenir shop after the event.

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