Germany and US Permit Ukraine to Use Western Weapons Against Russia

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Russia has accused NATO and the US of increasing tension by allowing Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons against Russian targets. Germany and the US have permitted Ukraine to use these weapons to defend itself, especially against attacks on Kharkiv, its second-largest city.

President Zelensky of Ukraine welcomed this decision, saying it would help protect civilians near the Russian border. However, Russia claims NATO countries are deliberately escalating the situation to continue the war.

Russian forces have advanced in the Kharkiv region recently. The UK and France had already signaled they were open to easing restrictions on Ukraine striking Russian military sites. The US clarified that its policy prohibits long-range strikes inside Russia.

Germany and other NATO allies support Ukraine’s right to defend itself with the weapons they’ve supplied. However, there’s debate over whether certain advanced weapons, like the Taurus missiles from Germany, should be provided.

Russia reported pushing Ukrainian forces back from the border and claimed control over nearby hills. The US Secretary of State reiterated support for Ukraine and NATO’s decision to ease weapon restrictions.

There are questions about the deployment of US-made F-16 warplanes near Russia. Some NATO allies, like Denmark and the Netherlands, have expressed support for Ukraine’s self-defense but have not confirmed using F-16s over Russian territory. Belgium ruled out using its F-16s over Russia.

Russian officials are angry at the prospect of F-16s being used over their territory, warning it could be seen as a signal regarding nuclear weapons, given NATO’s history of using F-16s in nuclear missions.

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