Gary Owens Divorce Settlement: He Estranged Wife Kenya Duke Seeks $44,000 Monthly in Spousal Support

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In a recent legal development, Kenya Duke, the estranged wife of comedian Gary Owen, has taken a significant step in seeking financial support amidst their divorce proceedings.

Duke, 46, has filed court documents requesting a monthly spousal support payment of $44,000 from Owen, 46, a move that sheds light on the complexities of their marital dissolution.

Unveiling Kenya Duke’s Claims and Financial Demands

In her legal filing, Duke outlines the details of her request, highlighting the history of financial support provided by Owen during their marriage. She asserts that Owen has ceased his financial contributions to the household, leaving her with no alternative but to pursue legal intervention.

Duke emphasizes her role in supporting Owen’s career by sacrificing her own professional aspirations, underscoring the extensive duration of their marriage—spanning over seventeen years.

Duke’s Plea for Continuation of Established Financial Arrangement

Central to Duke’s request is the continuation of the financial arrangement that has been in place for approximately four years, wherein Owen made monthly deposits of $44,000 to cover household expenses and personal spending.

Duke contends that this established pattern should persist, urging the court to order Owen to resume these payments. Additionally, she seeks a lump sum payment of $88,000 to compensate for the two months during which Owen has failed to provide financial support.

Navigating Gary Owen’s Alleged Non-Responsiveness

Duke further addresses Owen’s purported lack of responsiveness to her attempts to communicate and resolve financial matters. Despite Owen’s substantial monthly earnings, which reportedly range from $200,000 to $400,000, Duke asserts that he has neglected his financial obligations towards her and their children.

She highlights the financial strain she has experienced, including resorting to borrowing funds from a family friend to address pressing financial commitments.

A Call for Resolution and Support

In her plea to the court, Duke expresses her vulnerability and distress at the prospect of continually having to solicit financial assistance from Owen. She emphasizes the need for a permanent resolution to their financial arrangements and requests that Owen also contribute towards her legal fees, considering her current financial constraints.


As Kenya Duke navigates the complexities of her divorce from Gary Owen, her pursuit of $44,000 monthly spousal support underscores the significance of financial stability amidst marital dissolution.

With her legal filing, Duke seeks to uphold the financial provisions established during their marriage, advocating for her rights and the well-being of herself and their children in the process.

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