Former Assemblymember Brian Nestande Dies from Fentanyl and Cocaine Overdose

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Former state Assemblymember Brian Nestande died from an overdose of multiple drugs, including fentanyl and cocaine, according to an autopsy by the Riverside County coroner.

A staff member from the coroner’s office told The Desert Sun that the report identified the cause of death as “multiple substance intoxication, including fentanyl and cocaine.” The death was classified as an “overdose — fentanyl-related.”

The report also mentioned other health issues that contributed to his death, such as high blood pressure and carotid cardiovascular disease.

Nestande, 60, was found dead at a home in Palm Desert on March 6. He represented the Coachella Valley from 2008 to 2014 and later served as the Deputy CEO of Riverside County until May 2021. His wife, Gina Nestande, has been a city councilmember in Palm Desert since 2016.

The autopsy results were first reported by the website Uken Report.

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