Florida Surgeon’s Wife Prepares Own Anesthesia, Dies During Procedure

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A Florida plastic surgeon’s wife died during a surgery he was performing. She had prepared her own anesthesia and taken several pills, including Valium, before the surgery. The surgeon, Benjamin Brown, is facing charges of homicide and manslaughter due to negligence.

On the day of the surgery, Hillary Ellington Brown was scheduled for multiple procedures. She prepared her own anesthesia but didn’t document what she took. She also took multicolored pills, including Valium, which caused symptoms of sedation.

During the surgery, Mrs. Brown experienced blurry vision, restlessness, muscle twitching, and blurred vision, which are signs of toxicity. Despite this, Dr. Brown continued with the surgery, administering more drugs. When Mrs. Brown became unresponsive and started seizing, Dr. Brown delayed calling 911.

After some time, Dr. Brown instructed his assistants to call 911. Mrs. Brown was taken to the hospital but never regained consciousness. The couple had three children.

Dr. Brown’s medical license has been restricted, and he is facing disciplinary action. Investigations revealed issues with the management of his practice, including delegating tasks to unqualified individuals, poor maintenance of the facility, and performing unnecessary procedures on patients.

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