Denver Woman’s Quick Thinking in Emergency: Importance of First Aid

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A lady in Denver helped a person who got shot at a gas station and now she’s talking about why it’s important to know what to do in an emergency.

One night, this lady, who wants to stay anonymous and be called ‘A’, was at home with her old parents when they heard gunshots. They looked out the window and saw a woman walking down the street, injured. Their neighbor asked if she was okay, but she said no, so ‘A’ knew she had to help.

‘A’ asked her parents to call 911, but they were too shocked. She grabbed a first aid kit and went to the injured woman. She saw the wounds on her arm and leg and tried to stop the bleeding.

She told the woman to keep pushing on the wounds to stop the bleeding and tried to keep her awake. The woman was worried about her boyfriend who also got shot at the gas station.

Finally, an ambulance came, and the paramedics took over. Sadly, ‘A’ later found out that the other person who got shot didn’t make it.

After the shock wore off, ‘A’ realized how important it is to know first aid. She got trained in high school and keeps getting re-certified every two years.

She believes that if no one knew first aid that night, things could’ve been much worse. The injured woman is still in the hospital, and ‘A’ hopes she gets better soon.

She wants more people to get trained in first aid, so they can help in emergencies and maybe even save lives.

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