Chester Turner, Los Angeles Serial Killer, Linked to Utah Murder

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A man named Chester Turner has been charged with killing another woman in Utah. Turner is already in prison in California for murdering 14 women in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1998. Most of his victims were sex workers or homeless women, and one was pregnant. Prosecutors called him the city’s most prolific serial killer and said most victims were also raped.

Turner has now been charged with the murder of Itisha Camp in Utah in 1998. Her body was found behind a business, and prosecutors say she was strangled, similar to Turner’s Los Angeles victims. DNA evidence linked Turner to Camp’s murder. Turner had fled to Utah in 1998 while on parole in California for auto theft and drug sales.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill hopes the charge brings relief to Camp’s family and the community. Turner was convicted in 2007 of 10 murders and sentenced to death in 2014 for four others. His appeal for these four murders is pending.

Turner’s other victims included Diane Johnson, Annette Ernest, Anita Fishman, Washington, Desarae Jones, Andrea Tripplett, Natalie Price, Mildred Beasley, Paula Vance, and Brenda Bries. Turner lived near each crime scene. He was linked to the murders through DNA after being arrested for raping a woman in 2002. He was also convicted in 2014 for the killings of Elandra Bunn, Deborah Williams, Mary Edwards, and Cynthia Annette Johnson.

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