California’s New Laws: Transparency in Pricing and Hidden Fees

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Starting July 1, several new laws will be in place in California that could affect residents directly.

Hidden Fees

Two new laws, Senate Bill 478 and Assembly Bill 537, aim to stop businesses from hiding fees in their advertised prices. They require businesses to include all fees in the displayed price, except for government taxes and fees. SB 478 applies to most businesses, while AB 537 focuses on short-term lodging rates.

Drug Testing Kits

Businesses like bars and restaurants that sell alcohol must now offer drug-testing kits at a fair price. They also need to display a notice about these kits to prevent drink spiking.

Menstrual Products for Students

Public schools from grades 3 to 12 must now provide free menstrual products in bathrooms, not just for grades 6 to 12. This law, Assembly Bill 230, aims to help students who may start their periods as early as age 10.

Right to Repair

Senate Bill 244 requires electronics manufacturers to provide repair documentation and parts for products priced at $50 or more for at least seven years after they stop making the product.


Senate Bill 684 aims to speed up housing construction by making it easier to get approval for housing projects in urban areas. Local agencies must approve subdivision maps for projects with up to 10 housing units. This could lead to more medium-density housing like duplexes and townhomes being built.

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