Animal Foundation Rescues Four Abandoned Puppies in Las Vegas

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Four puppies were found in a bucket on a sidewalk in Las Vegas. They were left there alone in the hot weather. Animal Protection Services brought them to the shelter run by the Animal Foundation. This happened earlier in the week, on Sunday, June 2. The spot where they were found is near Solimar Lane, between Craig, Decatur, and Jones.

All four puppies are about four months old. There are two boys and two girls. They have a skin condition called mange, which is caused by tiny bugs called mites. Mange makes their skin sore, bleed, and lose hair. But the shelter is taking care of them, and they’re getting better.

The puppies didn’t have collars or microchips to identify them. So, the Animal Foundation gave them names: Aramis, Constance, Athos, and Milady.

The shelter needs money to treat the puppies and get them ready for new homes. They’re asking for donations to help.

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