Alaska Memorial Ride Ends in Tragedy: Father Killed, Mother Injured

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A sad event occurred during a memorial motorcycle ride in Alaska. Timothy Hoffman, the father of a young woman who was tragically killed in a murder-for-hire scheme in 2019, passed away in a motorcycle accident. His wife, Barbara, who was riding with him, was seriously injured.

Their daughter, Cynthia Hoffman, was killed in a plot orchestrated by someone she considered her best friend, Denali Brehmer. Brehmer, believing she was communicating with a wealthy man online, was promised money to commit the crime. She recruited friends to help carry out the murder. Cynthia was taken to a river, where she was bound, shot, and thrown into the water. Brehmer then lied to the family, saying they had dropped Cynthia off at a park.

Brehmer and the man who orchestrated the plot, Darin Schilmiller, were both sentenced to 99 years in prison. Timothy Hoffman had been a devoted father to Cynthia and his other children, who had developmental disabilities. He was deeply involved in seeking justice for his daughter, attending court hearings and speaking about the pain his family endured.

His wife, Jeanie, had been finding closure and joined Timothy on the motorcycle ride as a way to honor Cynthia. The sudden loss of Timothy was shocking to those who knew him, but they find solace in knowing he passed away doing something he loved, surrounded by loved ones, in memory of his daughter.

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