$21 Million Settlement for Family of Anthony Gallo, Shot by State Trooper in 2017

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A federal jury has awarded $21 million to the family of Anthony Gallo, a 34-year-old man from Washington, who was experiencing a mental health crisis when he was shot and killed by a Pennsylvania State Trooper in 2017.

Gallo’s family had called 911 for help.

“We thought an ambulance would come,” said Gallo’s cousin Robert Herrington.

Channel 11’s Cara Sapida spoke with Herrington seven years ago. He was with Gallo when the incident happened.

“Troopers came in with AR-15s. I told them there was no need for guns because Gallo wasn’t in the right state of mind, but he wouldn’t hurt anyone,” Herrington said in 2017.

Seven years later, Herrington remembers it clearly.

“He started going to the back…they shot him before saying anything. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing right by the door when they shot him,” Herrington said.

On Wednesday, jurors in federal court heard testimonies, including from Trooper Chad Weaver, who said he feared for his life because Gallo had a knife. Another trooper testified that the knife remained at Gallo’s side and was never raised.

Jurors agreed with the Gallo family, saying that shooting Gallo 10 times was excessive force, and awarded them $21 million.

Gallo’s mother, Betty, told Channel 11 off-camera that she cried and passed out in court. She’s glad to have some closure, though it won’t bring back her son. Other family members feel the same way.

A state police spokesperson in Harrisburg said they are reviewing the decision and have no comment.

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