By Isaac Davis

BeReal was designed in France in 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. The concept of the social media app, BeReal is that you’ll receive a notification every day at random, and you’ll have two minutes to snap a front and back image of what you’re doing. Then, you can respond to your friend’s photos and post late if necessary.

The advent of social media has created a way for people to feel as if they are in connection with others. Social Media BeReal has gradually gained popularity in recent years as it allows you to be your true self while maintaining a little virtual distance from others. You can use BeReal whenever you want and wherever you want. It will enable you to express yourself how you would like, with no one judging you on your post. In other words, it helps to break free from all the pressures that society places on everyone.

The advantage of the BeReal app in today’s society is you have to be authentic. Something in today’s society is the mass media attention on cosmetically changing yourself or having to fit in “social norms.” The BeReal app helps you stay away from that and focus on authenticity.

Alysia Garcia, a user of the app from Sacramento County, says, “I use BeReal to send pictures to my friends of what I’m doing at a random time in the day and to see what they’re doing. It’s a really fun and interesting app because I get to interact with my friends in a way that we typically don’t on social media.” Ms. Garcia explains that the social media app changed her views on society. “Society is so programmed on posting edited pictures or making sure every picture is perfect, and with BeReal, you get to see what people do outside of that.” Alysia Garcia adds, “ I love the idea of stepping away from the edited world. I wish more apps were like this, and I wish more people were open to the idea of making apps more casual and being themselves on social media more rather than always trying to make everything perfect and please everyone.”

Julia Sidley, a user of BeReal from Sacramento, states, “I use BeReal every day to capture one specific moment in time to share with my friends online.” Ms. Sidley, says the app changed her views on society by mentioning, “The idea of taking your quick snapshot in time, quickly, is something that can help capture average memories to remember what life is like…also connect with friends every day, has helped many with comfortability on social media and being their most authentic selves and posting realistically online.”

The app will assist youth and young adults in coping with not feeling uncomfortable about themselves and not trying to conform to other people’s expectations of what their appearance should be. The app provides a safe, inclusive area where people can be themselves without being judged by others.