Written by: Kayle Melicher

Who am I? Well that’s a good question. I am the type of girl who is described as optimistic, I love to see the positive in a situation. I am the girl who believes that there can be hope even when hope seems to be all lost. So this article is so you all who are reading can see a glimpse of the person behind the mask I wear everyday. So let’s get started.
My name is Kayle Melicher and I am twenty-two years old. I am a twin, but I’m not just any twin; I am an identical twin. I have lived with my mom, my step dad and my twin as well as my brother all my life. I am a girl who loves school, and I love to grow and learn everyday. I am a girl who is very active, I love sports and just being outdoors. When I was just five years old I was diagnosed with ADHD, and have been in and out of therapy my whole life.
I am a girl who struggles with anxiety. Well at the time when I was young I didn’t really know what it was but now I know it was anxiety, actually February 27, 2020 I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. That’s actually where my passion about mental health began.
Since I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I always wanted to understand it and better understand how to help myself, I started reading the DSM-5 manual of mental health for answers. But as I was reading through the DSM and online I found that I loved learning about
mental health.

But it wasn’t that I loved to learn about it, I loved the idea that with the information I was learning I could potentially help other people, so that’s when I got the idea to start my YouTube channel Moments To Inspire. Moments to inspire is a way where I could use my passion to help other young youth like you who are reading this to feel accepted and not alone.
I found that it was so amazing that my words and my story could be used as inspiration for other people. See I’ve been mentally abused since I was fifteen years old at home. I mean I had an amazing school life. I had loving and caring teachers in high school, but at home that’s where
everything happened. At home my anxiety was the worst and that’s where my triggers were.

But I found though through my passion for mental health that I could reach all of you and be heard and speak up for all the young youth that don’t feel heard.

I am a girl who fights for what she believes in and what she wants. And I am going to try my hardest every day. I want everyone who is reading this to not give up either. Now this is only a little get to know me so I will tell more of my own story in other articles, but one thing I want you
young youth or just to anyone who is reading this to know is that there is hope and that there is light; my journey has brought me many ups and downs, and I know there are so many more to come; but take chances and believe in yourself and know you are not alone. My story isn’t over
yet and neither is yours.