350 Sacramento describes themselves as, “a local grassroots organization committed to equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350ppm.” 

As of February 2021, Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide level is 416.16ppm. Higher than any point in the last 800,000 years here on Earth. 

350 Sacramento believes in a world with, “a safe climate, where nature is respected and protected, and our social, political and economic systems work for all people and the planet.” 

Which is why they are turning to Gen Z, the most ethnically diverse and largest generation yet.

350 Sac launched their Student Environmental Activist Training (SEAT) program on Jan. 25, 2021. The program is ten weeks long, meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday virtually on Zoom.

The program is hyper focused on educating high school students on the essentials needed for environmental activism. Due to the youth being the ones who will have to handle the new Earth climate change will be giving us. 

Each week is focused on a range of topics; The Greenhouse Effect, Food Deserts, and various approaches to change. SEAT goes into depth on local political processes, civic skills, activists skills, building a movement, campaigning, engaging the public, press, and overall what it takes to achieve environmental and social justice. 

SEAT provides professionals to be guest speakers, to show these high schools students that their passions can be formed into careers. Speakers from The People’s Budget Sacramento and Social Justice PolitiCorps, have come to not just teach the youth, but also be inspired by the youth through the trade of conversation, feedback, and ideas. 

SEAT also offers documentary screenings and informative videos off YouTube to enlighten those who choose to join. All done through Zoom’s, “share my screen” setting. 

That is truly the magic of it all, these high school students are not just being inspired, but also taught how to fix the world for the better, right within the walls of their bedroom.