Live Wire this Wednesday will feature Veterans Affiliated Council, Sacramento and Vicinity (VAC), as well as California Mexican-American Veterans Memorial (CMAVM).

Serving veterans since 1921, The VAC continues its mission to provide a clearinghouse for legislative information, as well as honoring and supportive activities sponsored for veterans and active military personnel.

Specific services would include:


*Promoting and participating in patriotic, fraternal, and historical events.

*On a limited basis acts to coordinate veteran community activities in Sacramento and nearby.

*Though non-partisan and non-sectarian it promotes legislation beneficial to veterans and the military. It does not promote candidates for elected offices.

*Via its “Helping Hands” account it financially assists veterans in emergency situations.

*Occasionally the officers assist with funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life ceremonies.

In addition to all of this, The VAC also provides local veteran related news outside of California.





 Known as “El Soldado”,  the CMAVM dedicates Latino Veterans; Men & Women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, in war and in peace, who have served their country with distinction and honor. The statue was established and funded by the mothers and wives of California’s Mexican-American soldiers who had fallen during WWII.  Located at the State Capitol, “El Soldado” is the only monument that nationally recognizes Latino Veterans and Service members.


Its committee seeks to provide insight on the contributions made by Latino Americans in the U.S Military throughout history.


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