My name is Yashar Yisrael. I’m a 17-year old senior at Rex and Margaret Fortune Early College High school, originally from San Jose California, but have lived in Sacramento for about 4-5 years. Growing up as the only black girl in my class, being subjected to racism from my school, silenced by teachers, and pushed out of San Jose due to gentrification sparked my passion for community organizing and Black activism. The things I witnessed growing up had a great impact on who I am, and how I view the world. It made me, a soft-spoken, highly opinionated girl too afraid to use her voice angry at the world, angry at the system, and eager to make a change.  I am loud, energetic, and outspoken in not only activism but all aspects of my life; many times I believe I am making up for all the years I was quiet. 


When I’m not organizing or doing community advocacy work I am outside enjoying nature and spending my summers at the Yisrael Family Farm. I enjoy time with my family where we are always playing games whether it be SuperMarioSmash Bros, Among us, or any board game. I also love watching documentaries, crime, history, politics, it doesn’t matter the subject I am super into anything.

During my sophomore year of high school, I finally found my voice when I helped organize a walk-out against my previous school Sacramento Charter High, and ever since then I’ve been advocating and organizing any chance I get. I’ve guest spoke at different conferences like Eco-Farm, raising awareness of the injustices/systemic racism black & brown farmers face, or at the 2nd annual Black Power matters conference at CSU Stanislaus where I spoke about black youth organizing and activism. I’ve heavily volunteered in my community, and for 3 years been a member of the Black Parallel school board’s Zero tolerance youth leadership team, where more recently the youth and the entire city of Sacramento fought to successfully remove SRO’s from sac city schools. I now hold the position as the mayoral appointee on the Sacramento Youth Commission where I can bring to life my dream of liberating black youth through legislation and policy. 


In the future, I hope to continue my advocacy work as a civil rights lawyer defending Black people disproportionately affected by mass incarceration, defend and advocate for Black and Brown farmers suffering from historical, agricultural racism, and defend and fight for all impacted by racism and oppression. 


While my passion is activism, I love connecting and building relationships with others in and around my community. While working as a neighborhood news correspondent at AccessLocalTv I hope to meet new people, build greater connections within our community, and break barriers within our community as well. I hope to be a voice for the unheard, and uplift the voices of marginalized people. Lastly, I hope to unify the city at these great times of despair and to help push a movement of healing and progression amongst all within our Sacramento community.