photo taken by Camille Yee

My name is Samantha Bringas. Hopefully by the end of this, those reading will know me well enough to call me by what most do, Sammi. I am 16 years old and a junior at Cosumnes Oaks High School. I am the youngest of my family, my siblings and I have quite the age gap. Just like any little sister, I look up to my older sister like she is the coolest person in the world. My parents are both ICU nurses. My mom works the night shift, two hours away from our home, taking care of COVID-19 patients. Her work ethic runs in my family’s blood. 

If I were to explain to you my weekly routine before March 2020, it would consist of 8:00am Saturday basketball practice and traveling for games. Due to the pandemic, my weekly routine now consists of surfing, playing guitar, volunteering for the Sunrise Movement, and writing for Access Local. Before, I would spend my nights full of anxiety thinking of what turnovers I could have avoided, even if I had just hit a game winning buzzer beater. Now, I spend my nights with excitement thinking of what to do with the next 24 hours. 

My passion for activism started on the playground. I was in fifth grade, playing knock-out basketball, and I was the only girl. I vividly remember the yard duties offering me a closer spot to the hoop, and then being absolutely astonished when I would deny their offer and beat all the boys without any special treatment. My fifth grade self was shocked that grown-men were so blown away with what I had done. The following day, I presented a 15 page binder to my class (each page dedicated to inspiring women) and had all my girl classmates sign a “contract” to promise “to always believe in girl power.” Since then, I have become the president of my school’s Equality Now club, which focuses specifically on gender inequality.

I imagine my future taking place in New York City, attending New York University with a major of Business and Political Economy. My aspiration might sound familiar if you have seen my favorite movie, “Lady Bird.” I hope to take part in NYU’s study abroad program, and travel to Paris, France. Maybe end up in the South of France surfing, while I’m at it. 

With my time here at Access Local, I hope to truly indulge with what journalism has to offer, alongside strengthening my connection with the Sacramento community. I cannot wait to form a stronger appreciation for what it takes to provide the public with news. As I said earlier, surfing is one of my favorite hobbies. Surfing requires patience and observation in order to figure out how to not just find the perfect wave, but to ride it. I cannot wait to apply the same with my journey here at Access Local.