The Million Fathers March Pledge is a campaign hosted by the Black Parallel School Board in conjunction with the National Millions Father March. Due to COVID concerns, the march will not be taking place this year but an alternative has been presented. The Million Fathers March Pledge is an outreach to community leaders, mentors, family members, and other forms of father figures to encourage the youth by conjuring a positive learning environment. These 2020 Pledges create an organized informative structure in how families can stay active within their children’s life.

The Black Parallel School Board(BPSB) is a resource for parents to get adjusted to online education alongside their children since education systems have made social distance learning available. For over 10 years, the BPSB has set on a mission to spread knowledge of parental organization and education with goals that parallel the Sacrament Unified School District.

Ursula DeWitt, a Parent Organizer for BPSB spoke on the pledge and BPSB’s current status with parents post COVID-19.

“We have always checked in with parents, just calling to see how they are doing, and we definitely sped those efforts up during the pandemic because we wanted to make sure families had the resources they needed and also their academic experience so we can assist in any way. One of the biggest things, giving them support is really important because a lot of parents don’t like going into school because they didn’t have a great experience when they were there,” said DeWitt.

BPSB has a resource page and are available by phone and email, if you are seeking to promote a positive academic reinforcement, restorative justice, or how to get involved in becoming a leader for the youth please visit their website