Within the first few weeks of October 2020, shootings have occurred over the weekends. Some of these shootings have resulted in youth casualties. 4 separate shootings in the short span have resulted in 3 dead, and many more injured. One of the shootings occurred at a family gathering near Mama Marks Park; leaving a 9 year old Makaylah Brent fatally wounded by the drive by shooting. 2 others, a woman and child, have recovered from this incident. A candlelight vigil and peace rally was held on October 8th at Robertson Community Center to mourn and speak on 3rd party gun violence. 

Another youth, 17 years of age has lost their life due to the selflessness of gun violence. The teen from Sacramento High School was found unresponsive by Jackson and Folsom Blvd. According to CA.gov, in the past 11 years, 3rd party homicide fatalities have increased with 255 youth casualties in 2019 alone. Organizations such as Advanced Peace and The Black Child Legacy Campaign help guide the community away from using gun violence as a response to negative situations. 

A local of the Del Paso Heights area, Isaiah Chandra, lives within walking distance of the shooting that took Makaylah’s life, with his 6 month old daughter and partner. 

“I wouldn’t know what to do if that was my situation, as a new father my priorities are all about her. To have that taken from you, I couldn’t understand. I grew up without my father due to gun violence, I wouldn’t wish none of this to ever happen to my worst enemy. She(his daughter) shouldn’t have to grow up afraid of dying at a young age.”

Local organizations can help produce after school programs, mentorships, and community events to uplift families, and provide resources from a safe space that allows for creative freedom and communication for the next generation physically and mentally. Youth employment opportunities, community interaction, and informing families on youth awareness, can help lead change to a better future.