On October 7th, from 5 PM to 5:30 PM, Sacramento Area Congregations Together and Sacramento Investment Without Displacement held a Facebook Live listening session to provide information regarding the Aggie Square project. During this meeting, they covered access to affordable housing, community services, and local jobs. This session was facilitated by Araiye Thomas-Haysbert.


“I am a Community Organizer with Sacramento ACT and a proud member of Investment Without Displacement,” said Haysbert.


The Aggie square project is a $5 billion dollar project that aims to create a community that improves the quality of the neighborhood.


“Aggie Square is an innovation center in partnership with UC Davis, the City of Sacramento, and business communities to create a live, learn, work, play, education, and innovation ecosystem that will help educate and employ students and also help create jobs at a variety of education levels,” said Haysbert.


Investment Without Displacement means a few different things. For the Aggie Square project specifically, it means local hiring in the 95817-20 area codes, access to affordable housing on and near Aggie Square, and local business protections just to name a few.


“To me, Investment Without Displacement is basically prioritizing the community members needs and wants to ensure that our opinions and views are taken into consideration and that the corporations and big businesses have good intentions and the communities best interests at heart,” said Haysbert.


To achieve this, SIWD plans to use Community Benefits Agreements (CBA). A CBA is a contract signed by community groups and a real estate developer that essentially requires the developer to adhere to the needs of the community through the community groups.


“It’s [CBA] kind of, what we need in order to ensure that whatever projects take place within our community, we are engaged in,” said Haysbert.