It’s a wide acceptance that in our modern society, many advancements in everyday life can leave a carbon footprint on our Earth, such as driving to work, or commercial airlines. These come with the evolution of technology as companies are trying to make environmentally conscious decisions. A great example is Certified B corporation, Patagonia.

A company that signs for B (benefit) certification must have an explicit social or environmental mission; Patagonia’s B impact report can be found here.


Implementing a mission-driven brand that can tell a story without adding to environmental hazards is key to succession no matter obstacles or change in management, the mission stays the same. As fashion is an ever changing medium of art so are the styles of the times, many brands take to social media to promote new collections throughout the year. Sites like Etsy, and Ebay are great platforms that promote artist custom apparel for everyone.


Other alternatives can be local organizations for instance Outside The Wall, a non-profit faith based organization that offers an abundance of resources to the community. One of the most recent has been the free community closet. Started over a year ago, the community closet has grown to provide more than just clothing and more such as appliances, bedding, and much more.


To be eligible to receive from the community closet , an EBT or Disability card must be presented with a California ID card or Drivers License, and proof of address. In compliance with COVID-19 regulations, it is by appointment only, if qualified, every Thursday from 1-3pm.


“We serve all walks of life, all kinds of people, we try not to turn anyone away. If you are low-income or in need we will help you the best we can. We are even working with people coming out of prison as they get into their living situation. Any low-income family or person can come and gather some home furnishings and clothes, that could give them stability and comfort at home,“ says Yvette from Outside The Wall.


To learn more about the community closet, how to donate and their other resources available please visit Outside The Wall Facebook page.