The Fruitridge Community Collaborative is a hub for the community to come and work with 23 different non-profit organizations. These organizations include Pivot Sacramento, River Oak Center For Children, and Her Health First as well as many others. The FRCC is currently in need of volunteers and donations.


“Volunteers that are willing to come in to work outdoors to continue to keep the site clean, so that could be general clean up. That could be helping us build shaded areas… that kind of volunteer help is super valuable. Of course, the supplies to make all that happen are always appreciated,” said Erin Stone, The Community Development Director for Pro Youth and Families.

Photo by Cynthia Woods


The FRCC has had to change how they operate during these difficult times in hopes that they will be able to use these outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy while properly social distancing. This space will also allow volunteers to be able to work while staying socially distant from one another.


“We’re keeping the building locked but tenants do have access between 7 am and 7 pm and then, we’re really working to create outdoor spaces that our tenants and hopefully, eventually, that the community can use. We have eight acres so it’s easy to social distance,” said Erin Stone.


Along with working to create these socially distant outdoor spaces, the FRCC is also working to provide food for families in need in their community.


“We’re working with the other 23 or so organizations that are on the site to make sure we are serving those most vulnerable families and we are doing food for about 52 families, almost 200 people every week, so non-perishable food donations are super important,” said Erin Stone.


According to Erin, the Fruitridge Community Collaborative is in a perfect spot to serve the community and the support from the community has already been incredibly helpful.


“People’s kindness to help their neighbor is what keeps us going in every day, even on the really tough days,” said Erin.


Right now is a better time than ever to get involved and help your community if you have the resources to do so. You can donate food, supplies, or even just your time as a volunteer.