With the 2nd shutdown of Sacramento taking place, companies and organizations are still practicing social distancing to maintain safety for the community. Alchemist Community Development Corporation (CDC) maintains a healthy relationship in providing tools to empower the community of each neighborhood in Sacramento.


Started in 2004 by 3 graduates of UC Davis Community Development Program, according to the Alchemist CDC history, “they were intrigued by the urban challenges and opportunities arising from the growth and development of the city.” With the main focus being food access issues, The Urban Farm Stand template was created, bringing fresh, locally grown produce at affordable prices to Sacramento’s underserved neighborhoods. As time passed they continued to promote health conscious nutritional value in part with social justice and equality.


The most recent community development project has been Alchemist Microenterprise Kitchen (AMA), which is a 12 week online business training program that teaches financial literacy, food handling and legal actions. The incubation process is after successfully completing the AMA course. participants have one on one assistance and mentoring to further grow their business.


“With all the precautions for everyone’s health is has its pros and cons to pursue the the program in an online forum; a story from a single mother of 2, her husband would work evenings sometimes and so she couldn’t be present for in person sessions, but now everythings working in her favor to continue the program.” says Jacob Sacks Alchemist Kitchen Program Manager.


Their 2nd cohort of the program begins September 1st, 2020 if interested in the AMA program click here to fill out an interest form, to proceed into the program. it is mandatory to attend an online information session, an RSVP can be made here.