On July 24th and 25th Sacramento Valley Spark plans to host Summer Spark Drive-Thru. Summer Spark Drive-Thru is a series of art installations and performances inspired by Burning Man. In fact, Sacramento Valley Spark is a local non-profit based on the 10 Principles of Burning Man.


“Summer Spark Drive-Thru is an experience where people can see installation art, mutant vehicles, fire performances inspired by Burning Man and one of the things our group likes to do is to try and translate the experience and sort of concepts of Burning Man into experiences in our local community,” said Ed Fletcher, President of Sacramento Valley Spark.


Sacramento Valley Spark hopes to make this event unique by looking at restrictions due to COVID-19 as opportunities rather than restrictions. 


“We set out about trying to figure out, what could we do to keep people engaged and give people a sense of joy and wonder? So that’s why we wanted to move to this drive through format to give people that opportunity,” said Fletcher.


The Drive-Thru is also working as a fundraiser for Sacramento Valley Spark. Their main goal is to fund more long term art projects in Sacramento.


“We are working with Rancho Cordova right now to create a temporary one year art park where people will be able to park their cars and walk around an outdoor art museum with pieces inspired by Burning Man or from Burning Man,” said Fletcher.


Artists are also able to get involved in projects like the Drive-Thru fairly easily by going to Sacramento Valley Sparks website.


“They should join our organization, they should join our email list so that they do know about these opportunities when they come up. We originally started with $1,000 to grant to new artists or artists to do new works for this project and eventually I think we are going to increase it to around $3,000… there will be future opportunities as early as in the fall,” said Fletcher.


Summer Spark Drive-Thru is going to be a social distancing event and masks will be required but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun!