The California Department of Education has announced a free online Ethnic Studies webinar series beginning July 7th.


The series will be led by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond with relevant guest speaker features. It will run for four weeks, with each webinar covering a different section of what the department refers to as the ‘four foundational groups of ethnic studies’.


“During this historic moment,” commented State Superintendent Thurmond in the announcement, “we as a nation are re-examining the problematic fabrics of our society and history; ethnic studies helps emphasize cross-relational and intersectional study of different groups and helps tell of the struggles, histories, and contributions of America’s ethnic groups that all students need to learn.”


The announcement details the motivation of the course as being related to ‘renewed national discussion’ that indicates a failing in school curricula ‘to highlight and preserve the contributions of people of color’, adding that current school materials actively undermine the importance of people of color.


The current schedule for the series is as follows:


The webinars will stream live on the department Facebook page each week of July in hour-and-a-half-long installments.