When identifying emotional stress, the approach to reasoning first starts with an outlet such as music, art, working out, or leisure activities like watching tv. With many businesses still operating on a reduced time schedule, the alternative of online interaction has been leading the way for group interactivity. Chill Sacramento is utilizing social distancing practices and has moved to the digital platform Zoom to share the meditation experience titled“Divine Spark”.


“The overall goal of Divine Spark is to give people tools for a self care practice that helps reduce stress, allows their mind to see clearer, and also help connect with themselves, nature, and the community around them,” says Laura Hansen, board president of the Chill Team.


The first meditation session was held in August 2011. Since then, the team has grown and the progression has elevated Chill Sacramento into a platform for others to seek self guidance. The exercise of breathing and focusing on the present moment helps recognize where we put our attention and energy into.


“In meditation you are taking your intentions of the outside world, which you can’t control, and putting it into the eternal world, which you can control. Being able to unplug and put your attention within. Just putting intention on your breath, noticing your breathing can reduce your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improves your immune system in moments.”


Chill Sacramento provides guided meditation for all levels of experience through phone or online access only. This self paced practice is available everyday during set scheduled times, as well as curated events like, meditation for women only, and deeper dive guided meditation. You can find dates and times on the website calendar here.