On June 1st 2020 Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced that a curfew was to be put in place from 8pm to 5am. This announcement was accompanied by 500 national guard troops entering the city. 

“I think all it will simply do is have the protestors go home a little bit early… and they will be right back in the next day,” Said Miguel Recendez, a Sacramento resident and protestor.


Fortunately the City Council voted to end the curfew as well as the National Guard occupation of Sacramento on Saturday June 6th after a week of peaceful protests.


“I feel like they just kinda wanted to stop folks from looting and rioting and stuff like that… saying that though there is a huge difference between protestors and rioters… also they’re outnumbered and they know they’re outnumbered so they are trying to put some kind of intimidation. Especially like, a financial intimidation,” said Miguel.

However, just because the curfew has ended and the National Guard has moved out of Sacramento, does not mean it will not be easily forgotten. For many Sacramento residents, seeing armed soldiers patrolling the streets of their city was a jarring experience.


“I think they’re there to instil fear in a lot of these people and I think some people are scared but I think it won’t make a difference to the protestors,” said Miguel.


The 1st amendment protects freedom of speech as well as the right to assemble. If you want to brush up on your rights, you can do so here. Keep on fighting for what you believe in.