When the pandemic first began, Governor Newsom issued an executive order that would temporarily protect renters and homeowners from being evicted. With the country beginning to open back up, many renters are concerned that they will be unable to afford their rent. Many renters have been out of work due to the pandemic and simply do not have the money they need to afford their rent.


“We need to cancel rent, mortgage, and the debt accumulated from not being able to pay our rent and mortgage during this crisis,” said, Kristen Lopez a renter and rent control activist in Sacramento.


For many Sacramento renters this will be the only way they can avoid being evicted. “It’s gonna be devastating for me and so many people that I know because we are all living paycheck to paycheck,” said Kristen.


However this begs the question of how will landlords survive without any income. Fortunately, the ideal outcome from this will protect both landlords and renters. Kristen added “This is the first time that tenants have actually been in solidarity with landlords on a housing issue. That’s why we want to cancel rent, mortgage, and the debt accumulated from not being able to pay.”


The banks are the ones who would suffer the most losses from this however, Kristen also mentioned that we should pull from our military budget in order to help protect our citizens. Given that the military is primarily there to protect us from invaders, the government should use that money to protect us from the “Virus Invader” as Kristen put it.


Hopefully the pandemic will end soon so that people don’t have to worry about evictions. Until then stay strong Sacramento we are all in this together.