GenUp describes itself as, “a student-led, student-run advocacy organization primarily striving for youth representation in key policy efforts through the power of youth voices in the California education system.”

The Sacramento chapter of GenUp is working with others across the state to organize and raise morale in times of coronavirus and school closures. The Sacramento chapter webinar is set to focus on mental health and feature speakers from CitiesRise and the National Alliance On Mental Illness Sacramento.

GenUp Sacramento Director of Organizing, May Saefong, explained “The GENup Sacramento Mental Health webinar is to shed some light on—mainly teen’s—mental health, coping strategies, and to get some insights from professionals working in  the mental health field. Stories will be shared to let people know they are not alone in what they’re feeling during this difficult time and hopefully they get some new ideas on how to help themselves. Our speakers will be able to share their own stories,experiences, and knowledge to help those going through a mentally challenging time right now.”

GenUp chapters across the state are holding webinars surrounding a variety of issues titled the “Students Together” Webinar Series in order to foster a spirit of unity in times when schools are closed and many students feel themselves isolated. 

“The webinar is a way we could get together in spirit during this time. We are here to help anyone and everyone to feel loved and to feel in place. We want everyone to know they are important and raise awareness about mental health and how crucial it is to one’s life.” GenUp Co-President, Vladyslava Noga explained.

In times of separation and turmoil, promoting unity is more important now than ever. The GenUp Sacramento website can be found here. The webinar will be live on Friday, June 6th at 6:00PM on YoutubeLive.