Sacramento State and the Los Rios community college district plan to move fully online for the upcoming fall semester. This is going to be the reality for many colleges for the upcoming fall semester.


“Quite honestly I feel torn. I think that the safety and security of our students is the most important thing and I’m not sure if we know yet what the world is gonna look like in four months,” said Stacy Ault, a Professor at Sacramento State.


Some classes will not work in an online setting and must be held in a physical classroom. At this time, Sacramento State still has plans to host these classes. “We are fully virtual in fall except for select classes that cannot be virtual. There’s a waiver process for a professor to request an in person class,” said Professor Ault.


Unfortunately many students are unlikely to have the resources to attend online classes. As of 2016, 42 percent of independent students were in poverty and are unlikely to have the resources to learn online. 


“I’m hoping that we as a city could do something really creative in terms of providing students virtual access… I would love for the universities to think about, or the city really, to invest in high speed internet access throughout the city. I have lots of students who were using the computers on campus to do their homework,” said Professor Ault.


If classes continue to be held online throughout the fall semester, hopefully the City of Sacramento and the universities in the area will be able to come together in order to help fix the issues that arise with online learning.