The 2020 census has arrived and it is incredibly important that you or a family member fills it out. Sac Youth In Action is an organization that is dedicated to youth empowerment and informing people about the 2020 census. 


“The census is so, so, so important. It’s a few minutes just to fill out information about you and your family in your household and it affects funding for like, everything. Community services, mental health services, school safety on college campuses, education, transportation, and of course it affects congressional representation and in California representation in state government,” said Naomi Piper-Pell, a Census Youth Ambassador for Sac Youth In Action.


Sac Youth In Action is also currently hosting a competition for youth (Ages 12 to 18) to get involved in the 2020 Census. “It’s a talent contest, just a 30 second video of singing, dancing, whatever your art talent is and posting it with #youth4census2020 and there’s prizes and we just want to make this work exciting,” said Naomi. Their goal with the competition is to make it fun and accessible for youth in hopes to get people excited about the census.


After filling out your own census, Naomi recommends that you post about it or reach out to others about the census in order to spread the word. If you would like more information about the 2020 Census you can reach out to Sac Youth In Action via instagram @sacyouthinaction.


Postcards and reminders stopped being mailed out on April 27th however, from May 27th to August 14th Census takers will interview homes who have not responded. So you still have time to fill yours out. You can fill out your census easily at Don’t forget! Your community is counting on you!