With the novel coronavirus impacting all areas of life in California, it has been explained by the Governor and the state superintendent that schools will not reopen before the end of the academic year this June. While it is clear it will not be soon, it hasn’t been decided yet when schools will reopen.

Protests have raged around the country as people demand the government reopens. While these protests have been extremely visible, a recent poll found that only 10% of voters favor reopening and 81% believe we should follow social distancing guidelines until experts believe they can be lifted.

Another reason many advocate for opening schools immediately is the impact that long term closures or distance-learning may have on a students’ long term development or educational career. One potential issue is the effect that a canceled or remote summer semester will have on a students’ career.

As some believe schools should be reopened as soon as possible, many are concerned about the health risks of opening too early and risking another wave of the virus. 

The risk of the virus spreading in and beyond schools is uniquely worse because many children can carry the virus without displaying any symptoms, therefore they may be able to infect others who are more vulnerable without knowing it.

While there has been discussion by the Governor of schools opening as early as July, no one knows for sure when schools will be able to reopen as many schools are currently preparing for distance learning this fall.