In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the U.S. government announced that they will be sending out $1,200 stimulus checks to help with the economic effects of the virus. According to a survey that was conducted in early April, about 52 percent of the 2,644 people surveyed had either had their hours cut, been placed on leave, or lost their jobs entirely.  Each family will also receive an extra $500 per child that they have as a dependent. 


However millions of young adults who were claimed as dependents on their taxes will not receive a check. In addition to this, parents will not receive the extra $500 for any children that are 17 or older. Assuming these kids are also labeled as dependents on their parents’ taxes they will also not receive their own stimulus check even if they work and pay taxes. 


  “People should be getting the stimulus check regardless if they’re unemployed or not. It’s just a way to help people deal with all the financial complications this virus has brought up,” said Cameron Evans who is a student at American River College.


A common criticism of the stimulus check is that $1,200 is hardly enough to cover a month or two of basic expenses. However, it still allows some breathing room while many Americans figure out their next steps in these uncertain times. 


“After this virus, once companies start opening back up, people are going to have to work twice as hard to pay off the bills that they have been holding off… so the $1,200 would help out,” said Cameron Evans. 


Unfortunately in March alone the unemployment rate for young adults, ages 16 to 24, rose to 10% and due to the virus it seems that number will continue to rise. Hopefully the pandemic will come to a close sooner than later and these young adults will be able to get back to work.