COVID-19 has caused all unessential businesses to shut down to the public. The Sacramento Zoo is one of these businesses however their operations have not completely shut down.


While the public is no longer allowed to attend the Zoo, Zookeepers and a few essential workers are still hard at work. While keeping Zookeepers working comes with many risks, it is essential for the animals. The Sacramento Zoo is taking every precaution to maintain the health of the Keepers. 


In an interview Jason Jacobs, the CEO of the Sacramento Zoo, said “The keepers would meet with their managers everyday in the zoo kitchen… that meeting happens outside now for instance, with proper social distancing… nobody comes into the commissary to get their diets anymore everything is left out on the porch.”


In addition to protecting the keepers the Sacramento Zoo is also very aware that protecting the animals is just as important. “They are also very careful about how they interact with the animals a lot of people are under the misconception sometimes that Zookeepers go in with the Lions and the Chimpanzees that’s not the case we never go in with dangerous animals… but we do have to take extra precautions because of COVID-19 such as face masks when working with the big cats because there was the incident at the Bronx Zoo of a tiger contracting COVID-19,” added Jacobs.


The Zoo also has had plans to move and expand in the coming years. COVID-19 is likely to affect these plans however Jacobs is still optimistic. In an interview he said, “10 years from now we’re gonna be over this, right? I like to think positively and 10 years from now if the Zoo hasn’t moved they’re still gonna be talking about moving the Zoo.”


The Sacramento Zoo is a nonprofit organization. They generate 97% of their operating budget through their operations and donations. If you would like to support the Zoo during these hard times they accept donations through their website