With many drastic changes to the service industry and others alike,the economy has shifted creating entirely different problems; over-consumption and food shortages are just the surface level outages. Families and others who depend on Food Banks, including children whose first meals are provided from schools, are seeking alternatives to supplement their needs right now. Fortunately, School Districts are providing free meals, and neighboring restaurants and small businesses are playing a bigger role in the community during these harsh times.

The food distribution system relies on predictability. With many schools and restaurants having closed it leaves harvesters in an abundance of resources that could be shifted to another targeted demographic. With the stories and videos of some Midwest states having been forced to dump gallons of milk, and harvest-ready fields sit unpicked, others are in need of items unavailable due to food hoarding and mass hysteria.

John Morales is a chef at Alarro Brewery in Sacramento off of Capitol Ave in Midtown. Since the start of the pandemic, he is now the only employee curating orders for takeout on Sundays and Mondays during brunch and before dinner hours. He has an interesting perspective on food shortages and the produce.


“Food waste is at an all time low, restaurants are re purposing items to use in multiple dishes to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. We also still place orders from Produce Express, people can actually order online at Produce Express and pick their produce boxes at our restaurant, as we are a drop off or pickup point for anyone that can’t find produce in grocery stores they can still order online and pick up the next day,’’ says John Morales.


“Economically avocados are being taxed almost 50% sales tax from Mexico. Tomatoes, cause they aren’t in season, as well as eggs and toilet paper are hard to come by. Even to-go containers are hard to find because that’s the standard of serving. Asparagus went from $1.99 a pound to 5$,’’ he adds.


With many living in uncertainty on where the next meal might come from we can still come together through various technologies and send information on obtainable resources within our area. Please stay calm and collected and practice safe hygiene to help accommodate everyone.