COVID-19 has caused entire industries to shut down until further notice. Schools and universities are no exception. Instead of shutting down completely though, schools and universities have moved to an online classroom instead. While some schools have properly prepared to shut down, others are scrambling to move into online classes.


While the transition has been jarring some students have had it easier than others. Shanthoshi Thamilseran is a Junior at West Campus High School. “The transition has been difficult since I am not well acquainted with technology” said Shanthoshi. 


Luckily most of her teachers saw the shutdown coming and made the proper preparations needed in order to shift to online classes. “All of my teachers understand the anxiety and frustration around this difficult time and also see the difficulties with the online classroom setting. They have been very understanding and have adjusted their curriculum accordingly,” she added.


For college students, the transition has definitely been more daunting. In college you tend to get a lot less guidance than you do in high school. However a lot of the difficulties during this transition seem to stem from a lack of planning. Steven Cardenas, who is a student at Sacramento State said, “Most professors are capable of doing online classes but there are a lot that don’t know how to hold a class online. One of my professors doesn’t even use Canvas which is difficult for us. He usually sends us stuff through his email and most of the stuff is pre-recorded because he doesn’t want to use Zoom. In another class there’s a professor that posted his lectures on YouTube so we can see it through there.”


Canvas is an app and website that is used by UC Davis, Sac State, and the entire Los Rios school district. It is primarily used to check assignments amongst other school related things and was in use well before the shut down.  Zoom is an online video service which many schools have started using since the shutdown began. 


Now imagine having to figure out all of these applications and websites while simultaneously trying to keep up with your assignments as a college student. Not to mention any of the connection issues you could encounter while using any of these services.


Hopefully in the coming weeks schools and universities will figure out an efficient way for students to be able to learn online in this new academic landscape.