The COVID-19 pandemic has affected individuals from all walks of life differently. Young people, in particular, may feel as if their lives are being uprooted. Many are at important developmental stages, some having just moved away from home and others planning to leave soon. High school seniors may be experiencing anxieties during this time about what the start of their college career or even their adult life will look like in times of quarantine and social distancing. 

For many seniors, this semester was supposed to be a time of celebration and relaxation after years of hard work and finally deciding on a plan for after graduation. When this is lost, many students have expressed annoyance and sadness. 

West Campus senior, William Ton, explained, “ As a senior in high school during the  COVID-19 situation, I am disappointed knowing I will not see any of my peers in a long time if ever and I am struggling-together with many of my friends-to fully accept the crisis.”

 Students and teachers alike were not expecting the academic year to end when it did. Many of us expected to continue with the year or at least return after a week or so. William Ton continued  I took school for granted until its untimely end.”

Many hoped to have the chance to continue with their senior year and all extracurriculars that come with it. West Campus senior, Garrett Loiselle explained: “It made life difficult because every day became a drone of nothing when I wish I was out at school, playing baseball, and having fun.” 

Many seniors are also concerned about what the quarantine will mean for their plans after June. Some of us do not know if we will be able to move away to college on time, maybe we will start online, and it will be difficult to get a job. When studying career paths we have all been told the world is changing but none of us could have predicted this is where we would be. 

There is still so much uncertainty, the best most people can do is isolate themselves and remain hopeful. William concluded, “I encourage everyone to think of the quarantine as physical rather than social distancing because we should all make our best effort to stay social over the internet even though we are physically separated.”