In this episode of Access on Air, we talk to Greg Garcia and Lian Zeitz from citiesRISE.

citiesRISE is a global platform that focuses on mental health advocacy and creating “mental health friendly cities”.

Lian Zeitz is the Director of New Initiatives and is a young mental health advocate. Greg Garcia works locally within the citiesRISE Sacramento as the Program Manager.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, citiesRISE is finding ways to help youth all over the world. Many young people are experiencing anxiety and uncertainty, as all of the changes taking place for youth can be traumatizing.

They have created the “Youth Realities During COVID-19 Survey” to understand how young people are dealing with the changes that are coming along with the pandemic, and to understand what resources are needed immediately.

This survey will be submitted anonymously and will help to create a better understanding of what action needs to be taken now for the well-being of youth.

Be sure to visit and to follow the movement on social media.

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