Many precautionary measures have been taken to slow the spread of the pandemic, the term Social Distancing is applied to particular actions that involve physical activities. Public Health officials use this tactic to slow down the spread of highly contagious diseases, providing the community valuable time to prepare. 

Some examples of Social Distancing measures that are conducted during a pandemic are the suspension of all colleges (who are transferring to Web-based learning), the cancellation of all large gatherings, including companies changing practices to take-out only, and isolation from public services unless for essential travel. 

Many people are taking Social Distancing into their own hands, playing their part by staying isolated and connecting with their peers through various technologies and platforms.

A few locals from the community had this to say on the topic of Social Distancing and what it means to maintain that barrier of communication:

Blanca Escoto is a sales manager for the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Downtown Sacramento. It has been a hub for national events held in Sacramento since the reconstruction of the Convention Center across the street. This is what she had to say about how she is practicing Social Distancing.

“It affected my career. I can’t work, my financial stability and security is gone. I can’t go out on dates with my husband, or go out to dinner and drinks with my family or friends. I’m practicing Social Distancing by staying home, limit my errands for essentials to every other week instead of weekly. “

“Only touching or picking up items in the store if I’m buying them to limit transfer of germs, washing my hands as soon as I get home before touching other items around my home. Also ordering essentials online whenever possible to limit longer time spent at the store.”

Christian Collado works within the San Juan Unified School District at the La Vista Center in Fair Oaks, as an admin with youth; helping to build their passions in their free time between curricular activities. This is how he is adjusting during this time:

“It has affected my daily schedule, I have been with the exception of meeting with people who are social distancing as well” says Christian.

“So my job is closed, but I’m still getting paid, I don’t know what’s bound to happen really but I still am able to pay off my bills and put food on the plate so I’m not too nervous.”