COVID-19 has affected Sacramento in many different ways. People are self quarantining, businesses are temporarily shutting down, and gatherings have been limited to ten people or less.


COVID-19 has also drastically changed how freelance artists work. Whether they are a musician, a filmmaker, or a painter most artists have to physically meet with people in order to create and share their content. Which, if you haven’t heard, is frowned upon. While some artists have struggled to find new sources of income others have successfully adapted to the situation.


Markell Hill is a part time local Sacramento musician who is known for playing shows and open mic nights all around Sacramento. Shortly before COVID-19 was present in Sacramento he shifted his focus towards writing and recording new music.  However this doesn’t mean he has remained unaffected. “It doesn’t feel ethical to like, still be going out and trying to record at studios and all that.” said Markell in an interview.


Hayden Spilman is a freelance filmmaker from Sacramento who makes his living as a full time filmmaker and 3D animator. Hayden is known for doing work with local artists around Sacramento as well as larger corporations in and around Sacramento.


Video shoots tend to require large amounts of people both in front of and behind the camera. They can also take weeks of planning as well as a full pre production team working together before the shoot even happens. Because of this, many of his shoots have been cancelled.


However Hayden has been able to adapt to this new business landscape stating that, “Right now is a good time to start posting more… I’ve been working more on the editing side, so people have been sending me their videos that they would shoot themselves and then I would go in and edit it.” This way Hayden is able to continue his work and maintain social distancing. 


COVID-19 has had drastic effects on artists in Sacramento, but restrictions breed creativity and there are plenty of creative ways to maintain social distance and still work on the craft you love.